When the definition of the concept of entrepreneur is viewed from a commercial perspective, it is defined as “the person who produces, markets economic goods, brings together the factors of production, acts for profit and faces all risks after the initiative”. In terms of economics, the entrepreneur is defined as “the person who finds resources to increase their values, provides foresight about these resources, makes business planning and organizes human resources, processes information, brings innovations and creates a new order”.

There is no clear, decisive profile for special definitions like a good entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur. People of all ages, genders, races and income levels can start successful initiatives. Factors such as education, experience, luck are concepts that directly affect the success of entrepreneurs. However, when looking at the lives of successful entrepreneurs in general, some features appear more dominant. In this article, we have compiled the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that should be present in every business owner.


Creativity is one of the indispensable features of successful entrepreneurs in doing a new business, creating a new product and providing new services. Creativity is the trigger element of innovation and development. Going outside the patterns, revealing the difference from the existing, constantly questioning and researching are the main factors of creativity.


One of the strongest desires to achieve success is determination. This sense of determination in difficult times is very important in maintaining stability. Even if the failure is encountered 9 times, it will show the entrepreneur’s decision to try again for the 10th time and will ultimately provide the expected success.


Market needs are constantly changing. Successful entrepreneurs need to keep up with this variability. Without changing the basic goals and the achievements that have been dreamed of, the conditions of the day and the changing demands of the target audience should be constantly answered and successful entrepreneurs should renew themselves every day. Therefore, concepts such as flexible thinking, agile intelligence and self-development are indispensable for successful entrepreneurs.


It is the primary task of leaders to set up the necessary rules and set goals for the job. The leader is effective in the proper functioning of the whole system and is the guiding path to success.


Passion is the most important emotion of an entrepreneur on his way. Starting the business and continuing the business proceeds equally with passion. Passion is also very important for entrepreneurs to adopt their vision and wishes to the other party, to improve themselves and to achieve success. Entrepreneurs with weak passions are difficult to accomplish.


Everyone is alone on the road to success. For this reason, people’s self-confidence, believing that every job can be overcome, and showing smart examples of courage are all about self-confidence.


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