What is YouTube SEO? How To

With the consolidation of the video content, YouTube SEO has become the new trend of the last years when it comes to Image SEO, Local SEO, Semantic SEO.

It is possible to achieve success with a strategically planned, stable video content sharing and SEO channel on YouTube, which is defined as the second largest search engine in the world after Google. With YouTube channel / video optimization studies to be carried out in a conscious and qualified manner, it is possible to capture a positive graphic in parameters such as the number of views, watch time, likes, comments, subscriptions, and increase the interaction and conversion rates and obtain higher income. Some basic optimization techniques that can be applied to a video content bring more views and access to your content than other videos not only on YouTube searches, but also on Google search and even other search engines like Bing.

Keep in mind; Our era is the era of visualization of video content and data. On the other hand, Youtube is a search engine with an algorithm in itself and has a unique dynamics rather than classical SEO or digital marketing techniques. In the near future, classical text content will leave its throne to video content. However, while you are publishing your videos, never embrace embedding your video on your websites and adding a complete transcript of the video underneath it.

Impressive Video Optimization

In today’s internet usage, video content is an unrivaled tool to tell and reach a desired audience. Today, video content has become more widespread with a more useful and informed internet use, and anyone from anywhere in the world can access it in seconds.

In order for your video content to be more successful than content that does not benefit from some basic video optimization techniques and to reach the audience you want to deliver your message more precisely and quickly, you will need to use some basic optimization techniques in this sense.

Basic YouTube Optimization (Youtube SEO)

The reason why YouTube allows you to choose the best thumbnail suitable for your video and add a new video to a playlist is easier for your audience or audience to access, except that users manually search for a title, description, and tags related to your content. is helpful.

Using all relevant optimization techniques from the first upload of your video content will bring more views, interactions and conversions. In this sense, it would be appropriate to reveal the basic optimization applications that you need to apply to your video content in items:

Video Title (Video Meta Title)

  • When users want to reach your video content or your users, you need to focus on the keywords questioned in this direction throughout your video content in order to match the searches made by the searchers.
  • Accordingly, your title may need to include searched words for matching, as well as your title should be related to the content.
  • You can be flexible about using brand names in your titles, in other words, you can use brand names and special names in your titles, which can usually be channel names.
  • You will need to do keyword research in this direction to match users’ searches.
  • Although Youtube allows you to use 100 characters in your title, including spaces, the titles can be shortened depending on where they are shown. That’s why you have the chance to use only 65-70 characters, including spaces in your header, so you have to try to convey what you want to say and what you want to convey in capital letters in a very attractive way.
  • Title (Video Meta Title) is one of the first content optimization elements that appear when your video appears on a page, appears in search, or shared on social media. For this reason, you should be very careful in this regard.

Video Descriptions (Video Meta Description)

  • Your description needs to include keywords like your content title and reflect the content in the video. Descriptions are also one of the first content optimization elements that users see when they search.
  • Don’t miss out that the descriptions are not an advertisement or a promotion, but an important part of your video content.
  • A quality description includes more details than a title, but it shouldn’t be too long.
  • The disclosures need to inform the user about the video and help convince users that the video is the content they are looking for.
  • The description should also include at least one link that usually leads to the brand’s website, perhaps a page specific to the content in the video.

An ideal explanation section

  • A two or three sentence statement,
  • At least one link plugin,
  • Can contain a total of 300 characters including spaces,

It shaped.

Although YouTube allows up to 500 characters, you don’t need to use all of them. It would be more correct to write 350-400 characters instead of writing 500 characters with forced content. Our advice is always to use whatever the character or word limit allows.

Content Tags

  • The use of tags is very valuable on YouTube and is very useful for matching search queries and classifying content.
    Take care to use only relevant keywords and tags in your content. Avoid adding tags unrelated to the prospect of more views.
    Video Clip Art (Thumbnail – Video Cover Image)
  • For this, you will need to choose an attractive picture and image related to your video. In other words, to engage users, you will need to select a photo or thumbnail image that can bring more views with the potential of clicking when searched.
    Never use visual unrelated to content to deceive users,
    The images you use should be original and absolutely no copyright infringement should be made.
  • You can add your content to the relevant playlists to get more views, so you can categorize your videos, allowing users to view other content as well, making the data understandable and taking a solid step towards the user experience (UX).


  • YouTube offers the option of translating videos into other languages ​​with creators.
  • This is very useful when publishing global content for an international audience or for a specific demographic target that speaks different languages.


  • If you are uploading a video, for example in English, and most or all of your videos are in English, you must select that language from the original language drop-down menu.
  • Also, the “Default for new uploads” option must be checked so that future uploads can be automatically listed in that language, for example in English.

Advanced Settings

  • YouTube’s advanced settings tab offers several optimization options related to your content. You can apply those related to your content. Here you can find which advanced settings you need to change and improve for your video, and proceed by applying them.


  • While there is an option to disable all comments on the video, the comment element and interaction on a video will actually increase the number of views of your video.
  • Comments are one of the most important elements that YouTube uses to determine the relevance, quality, and positioning of content.
  • So make sure your content is allowed comments.

Distribution Rights

  • Allowing your video to be embedded increases the rate of sharing and embedding based on users’ experiences. Anyone can add your content to a website, including a news station or blogger.
  • Publishing your video on subscriber home pages and informing subscribers is also one of the applications that helps find and watch the video.

Age Restrictions

  • Age restrictions should not be added to your videos unless there is clear content.
  • The explicit content definition may differ from person to person, according to YouTube, “violence, disturbing images, nudity, obscene content, and depiction of dangerous or illegal activities” can be caught in age restrictions.
  • With age restriction enabled, all viewers on YouTube are considered to be over the age of 18.


  • There are 15 different categories to choose from, and this helps YouTube make a video recommendation based on content criteria and the behavior of other users.
  • Most of the videos need to match, categorize literally with the relevant categories. However, if a video cannot be easily classified for some reason, it is recommended that you use the default “Entertainment” tag.

Video Language

  • As mentioned above, this feature helps the right content find the right users. If your video is in English, be sure to select that language before.

Community Contributions

  • It is not appropriate to allow users and viewers to contribute titles, descriptions, and subtitles, such as translation, unless it is a special case, unless it is necessary to be part of an advertising campaign.

Video Statistics

  • Video statistics are enabled on the watch page when viewers click the graphic icon below the video, although it doesn’t have a real impact on the overall viewability of the video. This may be on or off, but is usually enabled.
  • Other Additional Optimizations That Must Be in All Videos
    In addition to the optimization techniques above, some other basic optimizations help your videos perform better overall, as well as helping to make your videos more viewable.

Contains CTA (Call To Action) Messages

  • Although your content is good, some effects and interactions with users may end in a certain period of time. You should not allow this to happen, and you should direct your viewers to other steps they can follow.

In this context,

  • Learn more about the video,
    Continue to your website and learn more about the brand and what it can offer,
    To potentially be able to generate a reference visitor from YouTube,
    you will need to redirect users.
  • YouTube annotations are the best tool available for call-to-action (CTA).

Distribute Your Content

The content should be shared to increase access on all social channels, related communities and forums.

Successful Content and Indicators on YouTube

Statistics of the content featured in YouTube search;

  • Watch time: How much a viewer watched the video
  • Keywords: Shows relevance to search queries
  • Subscribers: A channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers outperforms a channel with 15 subscribers. This shows that he has authority on a particular subject and can be trusted by users.
  • Interaction: Likes, dislikes, and comments are important factors for YouTube, Google and other search engines to determine that a video is more viewable and more discoverable.
  • Video length: The content on YouTube shouldn’t be too long. Users should be interested in the content and get the value they expect from it.

The Best Optimized Youtube Video;

  • To be relevant to the user and / or their search query, to match,
  • Include related keywords,
  • Being able to engage users to watch most of them,
  • It contains a clear call to action message,
  • It should contain at least one link that redirects to relevant pages for more information and content.
  • These optimizations are easy, understandable and helpful to create quality video content that will make all the difference.


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