Entrepreneurship is among the most spoken and written concepts of recent times. With the development of financial opportunities and the spread of technology, the emergence of different entrepreneurship models have become a motivation tool for new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur is the person who has an idea and takes risk factors for it. In this context, let’s express this. Not every entrepreneur has good money and a company. The frame drawn when defining the entrepreneur is more extensive. The person who has a social idea and the person who creates it in this direction is also an entrepreneur. Therefore, it can be stated that the person who produces ideas, creates value and takes risks meets entrepreneurial qualities. Entrepreneurship is what the person or people take to create their own income model.

What are the characteristics of the entrepreneur?

With the studies on entrepreneurship, the basic skills that a good entrepreneur should have try to reveal good and bad. In order to start an entrepreneurship story, it is possible to list what you need to have:

  1. Having the skill of self-improvement in every environment,
  2. Being open to criticism, paying much attention to feedback,
  3. To be open to cooperation and change at any time,
  4. Having a strong communication skill,
  5. Doing things he likes, not afraid to take risks,
  6. Of course, there are different qualities that can be counted for the entrepreneur. However, this is a set of skills that are essential to have.

Do entrepreneurship courses work?

Entrepreneurship is not an innate talent. Of course, genes from mother and father have effects on the human temperament. However, factors such as education and social environment also have an important effect on human. Therefore, it is especially important to educate young people on this issue in order to spread the entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship courses complement this gap. It is very important for the person to know himself and know his deficiencies before the course. With the courses, comprehensive information about basic entrepreneurship skills, activities related to this is obtained and ideas about entrepreneurship are obtained. However, it is related to the person himself to develop and apply the skills learned from the course and show willpower in this direction.


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