To provide entrepreneurship motivation; The most important element of entrepreneurship is motivation. Even motivation is a stronger factor than finance for those who want to start a business. Because even if there is money, many problems are encountered in the process of starting, running and developing a business. The most important way to deal with these problems is strong motivation. The problems and difficulties encountered should not be daunting. Because, in cases where motivation is missing, business opportunities to be encountered cannot be evaluated.

Determining the business idea; The first important step after providing entrepreneurial motivation is a business idea with high potential for success. Entrepreneurs should primarily consider their work experience, talents, skills and specialties when determining their business ideas. In addition, the information they have can be a source of business ideas for entrepreneurs.

To prepare a work program; In order for an entrepreneur to achieve his goal of starting a business, he must engage in regular and intensive work on certain topics. In order to reach the start-up phase, a complete and comprehensive study program should be prepared in a planned manner. In order to establish a successful business, preparatory work should be done at a sufficient level. Because the process of starting a business is a process that should use resources efficiently.

Pre-evaluation; is the research of the feasibility of the work. The preliminary assessment will examine the chances of success and potential for income. In addition, the entrepreneur determines what he needs to do to establish, run and grow the business in parallel with his research.

Feasibility research of business idea; In order for the entrepreneurs to be successful in their business, detailed and comparative analysis should be made on the business idea, the market and the characteristics of the entrepreneur.

Preparation of the business plan; In order to be successful, entrepreneurs need to prepare the business plan correctly. The main purpose of the business plan is to determine what goals, how and when to make the entrepreneur for the business establishment process.

Business establishment phase; It is the stage where the work is physically established according to the features specified in the work plan. At this stage, entrepreneurs rent or buy the business, do legal business of the business, and provide staff, machinery and equipment.

Improve business; entrepreneurs begin to implement the business development plan steps after the establishment phase. These stages continue as being on their own feet, starting development, increasing the capacity used and adding new capacities to the business.


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