SEO Analysis allows you to analyze your site according to factors such as proper On-Site and Off-Site SEO, good site structure, good user experience and SEO friendly theme.

Thanks to our SEO analysis service, you can query your website against dozens of SEO criteria. Our Seo Analysis tool will suggest you the arrangements you need to make on your website.

Why SEO Analysis is Necessary?

This tool allows you to do an in-depth review of your site with no hassle and extremely fast. Moreover, it is completely free! To use the tool, all you have to do is enter the complete URL of your site in the tool. After this step, our vehicle will provide you with a complete report of your site from A to Z.

Let’s take a look at the details that our vehicle offers:

  • Title Tag, Title Description, Description, Meta Keywords: This free tool of IHS; provides you with information about your site’s title tag, meta keywords, and meta description. The tool can also tell you the number of words used in the Title Tag and the number of keywords used in the meta.
  • Headings: With this tool, you can view the types of headings you use on your site and in which areas you use these headings. You can also find out where and how many times you use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tags with our tool.
  • Pictures Without ALT Attribute: The tool will examine the pictures posted on your site, and as a result of the review, it will tell you how many pictures you have on your site and how many pictures without ALT Attributes. If our tool encounters an image without ALT attribute on your site, it will show you the URL of this image. In this way, you have the opportunity to reach the image quickly and you can solve the problem more easily.
  • Keyword Graph: This free tool of IHS creates a graph that shows the keyword cloud and keyword consistency for you. By examining this chart, you can see which keywords are used most or least in the content, descriptions and titles of your site.
  • Load Time: IHS’s SEO Analysis Tool opens your website separately, both mobile and desktop, and shows you how long your site’s load time on these devices.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Compared to the past, more users prefer mobile devices instead of using outdated desktop computers to surf the internet. So all websites should be compatible with mobile devices. In addition, Google has punished many sites that are not mobile compatible with its new update. So you should check if your website is compatible with mobile devices. You can do these checks using this free tool of IHS and see how your website looks on mobile devices.
  • Broken Links: This tool also checks the number of broken links on your website. It presents you broken links on your website in a graphic form with their location and status codes.
  • Backlink & Social Media Counter: You can get a complete report about backlinks using the Backlink Counter in our free SEO Analysis tool. With this report, you can see how many links are displayed on your site and you can also get a complete report about the social media likes and shares on your site.
  • Whois Data: Our Web Site SEO Analysis tool, besides performing a flawless SEO analysis, can also show the Whois Data of your site. This way, you can get information about domain age, creation date, domain expiration date, registration information and much more.
  • Website Value, Traffic Ranking and Visitor Locations: Using our tool, you can find out the value of your website, the ranking of traffic in the world and which countries you have the most visitors from.

Besides all these, you can examine XML Sitemap, Robot.txt file, server IP, Page Size, Favicon file and GZIP Compression Test with our tool.


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