What was your purpose in building a website? To bring your ideas to more people, to sell your products and services to more users, or to become a center of attraction for those interested in your industry and brand. It is possible to provide them. In other words, you can be the most visited website in your own area, and you can increase your income even more by buying ads. Of course, if you own an SEO compatible website.

It is always spoken and told; Advantages of SEO compatible sites, the importance of SEO will be experienced when you stay without SEO. So, how is SEO called Search Engine Optimization done? So, maybe you have more control over creating SEO compatible content, but you need to follow some steps to prepare an SEO compatible website. Follow the white rabbit.

This Is Not The Real URL!

When you enter any page of any website, the URL, which is written in the address bar, is one of the important parts of SEO. This field is “34% + &?” It is possible to evaluate directly with the keyword of the content on the page instead of spending with such marks. Of course, your title can be creative and interesting again, but thanks to permalink, you can make the title and URL different.

In other words, it is better to use a URL like alanadi.com/istanbul-yoga-kurslari instead of alanadi.com/kurslar/tum-firsatlar?irc=hp-nav-kn-kurslar. This is one of the steps to get out on the first page of searches, even in the first place.

Being original is more important than ever

Original content is essential to be preferred by users and increase site traffic. It doesn’t matter whether it is a product text, service description, or blog content. If you have copy + paste content and the same articles are also available on other sites, this will not contribute to you in terms of SEO. Also, you do not have much importance in the eyes of the user. The users who enter your website as a result of the search will immediately leave your page because they encounter the same content on another site, which brings you to the lower ranks in searches.

It is also a method to update old content. If you refresh your content containing past information in accordance with current data, you will easily notice that its traffic increases.

Images Have A Name

Visuals, which are one of the essential parts for keeping a reader on the page and reading the content more easily, increase the duration of the site and gives its first support in terms of SEO. The reader is not distracted, and the content breathes easily.

Another way to use images is to name them with keywords. Doing SEO for the image, that is, creating subtags with keywords, also makes your site appear in image searches. Two bird cliches with one stone are just right for this.

Keywords Can Open Doors

In order for a content to be high in searches, correct keywords must also be included. This is one of the most important answers to questions such as “What is SEO work, how is it done?”. Using the most important keywords on the subject, it is possible to rank among the top searches. Of course, drowning all the content into keywords can cause you to be excluded by search engines and think about what you are doing in a corner.

Tags, Our Tags…

The meta tag, which forms the first side of a website page that appears in searches, can be considered as a tag. The meta tag, consisting of two parts as title and description, can also be considered as the first visible showcase of the store. So, would you consider using the title and description fields that determine how your page is indexed, with an SEO focus? Think. Placing the most important keywords in these fields means another occasion for your page to appear in searches.

Other Ways to Do SEO Work

• Backlink, that is, linking from another site to your site is an important part of doing SEO work. As your content is published on other sites and linked to your site, both your popularity and traffic increases. Because you reach a source position shown as a reference.

• In the past, “If you don’t exist on Google, you are not there!” It was called. Now, if you are not in social media, you are not there! Rule added. With the like and share buttons, you should increase user interaction and go to increase your organic traffic.

• While doing SEO work on the site, one should not forget the infrastructure. Increasing the site speed by measuring with tools and plugins and other means helps you to be more preferred by users.

• Avoiding the selection of themes that reduce the site speed and likely to exhaust users is among the best decisions you will make. If your site is beautiful but as calm as a desert, vultures can start flying on your hill.


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