Youtube seo; This is the name given to all of the efforts made to make the videos stand out in the search results and take place in the suggested videos. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of video title, description, tags, cover art and category.

There are many methods that we can apply to reach users on YouTube, which continues to strengthen today. Extensive research by Justin Biggs used 100,000 different video rankings on YouTube’s search engine, and the performances of videos on thousands of channels were examined.

5 Suggestions for Success in Video Rankings

Video views and watch times

In fact, there is a remarkable link between video views and watch times, and it is necessary to use this relationship well to get high rankings based on the research findings. So if there are other channels you are competing with your videos, it would be beneficial to get a long view time per view.

Again, again: keywords

Compared to the classic Google search, keywords are still active on YouTube. Of course, this does not mean that keywords are no longer important on Google, but we can say that it is more important on YouTube and even one of the most influential factors in the ranking between videos. Judging by the data in the research, videos that contain keywords that match the words users search on YouTube can be more prominent than others.

For example, you will upload a video on your channel about the pandas eating. Instead of “Panda’s Consumption Habits” or “Panda’s Food Choices”, “What Do Pandas Eat?” If you name it, it will work in terms of your ranking, because the syntax and words that users will use when searching will also be in this direction. Instead of putting complicated titles in your Youtube SEO work, try to think simple and consider the ordinary YouTube user.

You can also use the data you get from Google keyword searches. If your video ranks at the top of Google search, you also get great demand on YouTube.

Many keywords, few titles

If the titles less than 50 characters are combined with descriptions containing 200 to 350 words in abundance in terms of keywords, your video will be able to get the best performance. If you deviate from these standards, it will not be a vital situation or your ranking will not drop horribly. Still, it would be more beneficial to stay in these neighborhoods.

Keyword tags

This feature was also available in Google SEO as meta keywords tag years ago. It is still valid on YouTube. You can add keyword tags to your video in your YouTube SEO efforts. Although this feature is not very important in terms of ranking, it makes a big difference in the suggested videos.

Suggested videos are listed in the panel on the right side in the desktop version and below in the mobile version while watching a particular video. If the user does not click on a different link after the video they watch, this recommended list will continue to play in order. For this reason, being included in the suggested videos will both give you more views and have a positive effect on your ranking. It was observed that the videos with two or three word sequences and 31 to 40 different tags performed best in the research.

Video length

Videos under two minutes are generally not welcome on YouTube. Of course, although it changes according to the content and subject of your channel, it can be observed that the ideal video length that can go up in the rankings is between 10 and 16 minutes. The 4 to 6 minute intervals are the videos that get the most views. For example, in the video where you will introduce a new product, the length of 4-6 minutes is more efficient for your business and your channel.


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