In this article, we will share with you the information from 1,000s of bloggers. There are global companies that compile statistics on blog pages and their success every year.

What do you need to do for blog pages that will succeed in SEO? More than 1,000 content marketing professionals and bloggers have been asked specific questions about this. What kind of results do you think might have been encountered?

We explain the results in detail with the 2020 blogger trends. Here’s what you need to do for blog pages that will bring success in SEO.

Take More Time For Each Post

In a different study, it was found that the average time spent preparing and publishing a blog content worldwide is 3 hours and 57 minutes. The interesting thing is that the names with over 10 years of experience in this regard think that even this period is quite low.

The reason they think this is because they value the research part of the work before the blog post is prepared. They think that a detailed and informative post of 2,000 words cannot be prepared in just 4 hours. Even if they are prepared, they argue that the content cannot be of sufficient quality since the first rule is “quality content”. Do not you think they are right?

Do not Prepare Collection Content

Another cunning that lowers the content quality is done as follows. Searching on Google with keywords on a specific topic. Certain parts of the featured blog content are brought together. How healthy is it to call this kind of content compilation “New content!” Even if it’s not Copy & Paste? On the other hand, does Google not notice this in such a situation? Yes, it does.

In some blogs abroad, months are spent preparing a single content!

Value Professional Editing

From blogs to the best experts on this topic, to people who don’t know anything about it, perhaps the most common comment you hear is: “Boring.” If a content is just boring, no user will sit at the beginning of such content and spend time with it.

This is where professional editing and writing come into play. A good copywriter can make even the most boring looking topic in the world stand out. It can add fun to it. It may arouse curiosity. It is enough to add some imagination to the job to realize these and similar techniques.

Style, tone, fluidity… These are the technical issues that a good editor definitely passes through the mind filter. If you pay attention, the marketing managers of brands also use terms like style and tone too much! Because to be different, to be remarkable, to have fun if necessary; It is a method that brands frequently use.

Blogger Survey

Let’s take a look at the results of the survey with over 1,000 bloggers we mentioned above:

41% of them make their content absolutely editable. So, it is editing. It is not necessary to mention that spelling rules should be paid attention to spelling rules in any content…

28% of Bloggers want the edit job from someone else. Because another review of the articles is a technique that improves the quality of the content.

22% of them have an editor that is official, that is, they pay a salary! (For editing, editing, another eye… etc…)

The number that will surprise you is coming now! 38% of bloggers employing salaried editors are more successful than others! So the principles we are talking about are not just words. It is directly reflected in SEO success.

Do Not Neglect Past Contents / They Are More Valuable Than You Think!

If you want to write content that ranks first on Google, you may need to spend hours, days, or even weeks. If you are going to prepare a guide blog post with quality visuals, maybe you will be trying for a few months for this…

When you complete such a study and publish the content, you only complete 75% of the work! Even the best content may need to be refreshed within weeks, depending on its qualities (industry etc.)!

The importance of past content comes into play at this point!

If you have a content strategy, you will produce “Evergreen”, ie content that will keep it up to date. Sometimes a small date or day detail can cause your content to fall behind. The good thing is that once you understand the value of past content, you get what you pay for!

Unfortunately, even the professionals of this work do not make enough effort to update past content (33%).

Again, let’s give surprising statistics. When you update your past content, your success on Google is doubled! These are tested, experienced data!

Review Your Analytics Data

Make it a habit to review Google Analytics data. What content in the past has put you ahead of your competitors? Why is that? This is one way to evaluate these contents in the most effective way! Sometimes, you expect a lot from a blog post and will not bring the success you have dreamed of. But sometimes it happens just the opposite! So keep Analytics data always in one corner of your mind. You can review our article about the use of Google Analytics.

Develop Your Own Method to Hunt Backlinks!

In 2015, info-graphics were very popular. Over time, the value he saw decreased. In fact, it was one of the most clicked content types. Creating info graphics today can be very effective for 2020! Just don’t repeat the mistakes made in the past. For example; like using a lot of text, text… You need to focus on the visual.

The most effective SEO technique that will give you backlinks in 2020, original research! So, your research shouldn’t be anywhere else. You must be the source of the research. Do your own research and publish.

Your research; it has to be trustworthy so that it can be shared and used. It should be informative, subject and meaning integrity with your website. Statistics are still more popular. Include statistics in your content.

The best content writers know the value of research resources in quality content.


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